Saturday, February 20, 2010

books tempting

I gave more attention to books recently. I previously had put another interest to read, I used to asked my granny or daddy for the references to read and these passion become heftier than before. when daddy's put some bucks to my flazz card or when momma transferred monthly bucks, all I wanna go at that time just going to bookstore. until now, biggest passion I've been put for novel, like romantic story. but by the time flies, now I read another fiction. just not like ordinary story. I love clara ng, for extra-ordinary-fiction-story! (so far, hehe) and now I'm trying to read in english books. another book I'd loved to read is such as dajjal or atlantis that found in Indonesia, science and either art! every books has dissimilar enthusiastic to stole my eyes. :D

so, did you have another references to read? let me know. I would love to know :)

Monday, February 15, 2010


sounds easy. But you have to die a million times in pain just to appreciate this word.

apologize , sowwy sowwy

I've been looked for any thoughts or stuffs to post it here, unfortunately I've no time even to touch my titan, and also there's nothing inspires me lately. sowwy :D

by the way, happy lunar year for fellas who celebrate it last sunday and yes! happy valentine's day for those who celebrate it. hope you all have a blessed one.

see, people! don't think about my lack post its caused of my hectic day or busy one. its totally not, i am literally free, but I got trouble with my bedtime and yes, I can't get enough time to sleepwell. so sleepless everyday, so I stole time to sleep after college(ing) stuffs and done my task. so beside fulfilled duty, I watched dvd(s), read a novel and yeah! good news, I learned to cook. hihihi

anyway , catch you all later ! *berlaga ada yang baca --
I promise , that I'll write something later. I'll post my own recipe!
have a great night.