Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new york i LOVE you

Love can be found everywhere to anybody, just like inspires that haunting on you. Inspiration could come by everyone and everywhere in every moment, might be in bathroom, before bedtime, when got stuck in the middle of traffic, and others billions random act. Well, to be frank I got inspires by people around with their thoughts and occasionally when someone has chatted on me. hhm, lets see movies and songs also work out.

Today I just finish watched New York I love you

I estimated that the movies was kind of bundle of many stories, its not contains just one story line and from those stories they aren’t connected each other or maybe they just meet in some other time. Well, for my part I loved it, in the basic me lovey any drama movie, so when people said that this movie is boring but for me it doesn’t, the other way I took pleasure in it.

This movie shows me how to love someone beyond doubt, love at first sight, or maybe your-fantasy-love that teach you how to love yourself. I’m pretty sure that anyone has their own way to meet their love, to understand what love is. God never granted your quest that easy, such as you quested for A thing and at times God gave others thing, but believe! What God give to you its probably what you need and its better or your quest must be await until its time. Just believe behind any achievement there is wisdom on its behind.

Trust me, movie teaches me better, hm, no no path of life are the best teacher all over the world.

put your things on, when rain comes

Sunday, January 24, 2010

missery black to make closet PERFCETO

man in the mirror

woohooo, last saturday i had family dinner. finally i could have time to spend with my family and i made the rules for last night, no boyfriends allowed. hehe sorry to say! but sometimes we need our family time :) am I right? yea, might be am envy them too much, but whatever it says, I don't mind it :P. the dinner is for celebrated daddy's graduation, yea! my dad took law degree for 3 years and last week he's just graduated. maybe it makes you confuse, dad love to learn something new, so he has double degree one in economic and one in law.

anyway, forget about the daddy's part. hihi
I just found, hmm lets say some friend told me about someone who has really great voice and he makes me melted down. oh my! when I hear his voice, speechless all I can say, just impolite words, am extremely dazed! his voice was so so so so great and soft. you better check it by yourself on his youtube gabebondoc

here is one my fave from his a loads of his video's.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

get it from here

everyone has their own beauty, believe in yourself.

whoever, whatever, wherever

no one asked to God to be born. when he created a goddess creatures, he has chosen where we're suppose to live

we are chosen and they either. just like me and other human all over the world.

every creatures has their own mission, fortune, fate, path also their faith. depends on the environment, parenting, mindset and principe.

coming into these gigantic world is the greatest achievement in entire life. I had given a chance to be alive, to taste how wonderful it is. born in this huge-mixed-unpredictable family is another gift, get along with them make some mutual respect. push an ego is dare to admit others excesses. I born in multi-culture family and deservedly suppose to be grateful of it. different tribes, ethnic, religion and custom were blend in my family, those things taught me how to appreciate each other. we're trying so hard to put the racism away.

daddy came from medan and he's batak-purely. mommy come from a thousand ethnics, she's sundanese, javanese, manado and a bit dutch. daddy's side are catholic and mommy's side are mixed which means my grandpa was catholic and granny is moslem. I must being grateful to be born in this multicultural family, lebaran is my holy-day and sometimes I do celebrate Christmas also. my parent actually family teach me a loads of things, many things i've learned, it cause life teach you better than science.

appreciate people, respect others customs, ain't underestimate of others culture, religions and sometimes rules makes me a bit confusing, examples for sundanese tradition collide with batik tradition. i don't know which rules i gotta choose, but back then where am i living? i lived in sundanese people around so i gotta followed their rules.

i rarely said that i'm glad surrounded by adorable person in my life explicitly. PRESTIGE or PRIDE! yep, thats my weakness. high-prestige or pride. it is ashamed (for me) for showing that i do care of them or i loved them or its been my pleasure to be surrounded by them. extremely difficult to showed it, I just don't know how to express it. when i tried to tell them, it came in a wrong way or wrong moved, so they misunderstood with my acts. ironic isn't it? i loved them, but they thought that i hate them in a same time.

anyway, why this post be my-chatter-shitty-box? when i made this post, i just wanna share or story-told about my background in the beginning but when the words came out its became my-heart-chat, pardon me. lol

but the point is, wherever you came from, whoever you are, whoever your family, whatever your background, whatever your religion, culture and whatever your tribe bring it with your dignity. be confidence of it and be proud of it. its your mark, signature. if you haven't love it or feel doesn't comfy enough, you just haven't realize and figure out how precious your culture yet, its just the matter of time. cheers

this is what i called FAMILY ♥.♥

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

+ start will do the rest

this is a perfect city,

this is a perfect moment,

this is a perfect beginning,

this is very perfect moment, shall we start ?

keep the good faith here (in your heart)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

changes are coming

hell-o , called today as sun-cloudy-day.
woke up in a very berry early morning and planned to jog around my crib's but too bad those cold and sleep(y)ness are defeated my plan.

now, am in gain-some-weight-program, xixixixi. i went to the doctor, to be ionization. he gave me capsule and I have to eat it 3 times a day. in the beginning, it wasn't clear enough. no slight moves from my appetite, but after a week it worked so well. it work in a very appropriate time :) I ate like a pig, can you imagine? in a breakfast i ate 3 bowl ???!! momma and poppa so glad to see me like this.
and voila, after 2 weeks on its program, i gained 4 kg.
its been my pleasure to keep this appetite turns on. I don't wanna be overweight and don't wanna be too much. this is just enough, all i need just keep the appetite turns on, that's all.
isn't it quite ironic? i just can't love to eat, everytime i ate its just another duty.

byebye, skinny me, welcoming healthier ranti :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

things could calm me down

songs are meaningful,
living a life without songs same as live without soul.

chocolates? there's no guilty feeling when I ate this.
can make blood pressure lower.

beautiful beaches with the air, water, sun, bikini's, laugh, tears all become one.

portraits contains loads of sense caused pictures are taken by soul
picture do talk

flowers are taken care with heart, it grown up by nature.
beauty from it are completely different and no words could explain

caramel machiato conciliate mood.
when I become mad or disappoint, feeling blue, exhausted or happy
it helps me through.

paris such a perfect place to be dumped off all over the world
look at it, dream of it, talk about it, get-to-know every part of it.
everything interrelated with PARIS

*mostly pictures are from here*

Saturday, January 2, 2010

magical happen called happiness .

happiness is unpredictable ,

no one could predict when ,

either pass-by-happiness ,

there's no concrete definition of it ,

abstract, relative, random also different ,

no matter how big, long-term or short-term , how precious, how simple, how priceys, yet its (still) happiness that should be gratefully .

things make we smile, whatever that is . acts make us heart flower(ry) . melted down . imagine be firecracker . tears-of-touched . thanking to God , and so on .

decrease seen to upper-side, remember that down-side also exist .

happiness has no POLE , but you've made it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

is it new year ?

how could the time flies so fast? don't think about it.

anyway ,

start first day in 2010 with laughter, hope the good start today will also do on the rest 364 days.

bunch of hugs.