Wednesday, December 30, 2009

current obsession?

place : computer room

stuffs : titan(s) with heart(y)

listen to : soko songs

ambition : make everything's bigger, you know what i mean

obsessed to : gain tons of weight

thinking : thought about life, review what I've done on 09 and learn from the past, thats what past born to be.

missed : bear hug , bestie's , doin' stupidity , and missed being loved to (muahahah, curhaatt)

wait for : surprise that will coming on early year

GOODNIGHT GIANT WORLD , now am happy with no reason .

sing the song LOUDLY

empire state of mind by jay-z feat alicia keys is being my all time favorite.

back to my randomly desire kind of music, that's why me lovey this song muchy-bunchy-boom.

the best part is when alicia keys show her gorgeous voice ;

new york,

concrete jungle where dreams are made of

there's nothing you can't do

now you're in new york

these streets will make you feel brand new

big lights will inspires you

let's hear it for New York,

New York, New York

and the bridge also marvelous ;

one hand in the air for the big city

street lights, big dreams, all looking' pretty

no place in the world that could compare

put your lighters in the air

everybody say "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"

take your time

to enjoy the last day on 09, at night i will welcoming the 010 with my fellas. woohoooo

fyi; this is the first time in my entire life celebrate new years eve without my family soo can't hardly wait the euphoria.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

made the day

Soko - Live Video

there are Soko's video. the song that I've been listened to these day.

perfect match , isn't it?

cup of tea

slice of cake

millions of hail-water

clear voices

chill air

and yes ...

accompanied by Soko songs would be lovely day

Monday, December 28, 2009

am asking ;

another silly things

just change my background and manage my blog. wooohooo. why ? because it seems soo plain in blackandwhite. what do you think?
yep, still i can't made some long post. it caused i don't have any thoughts too share and am not in the good mood of writing, soon maybe. yep :) keep my words.

WAIT, counting day then new year is coming, do all of you have got any plan? me? not at all. have no enthusiasm *wink* all i wanna do to spend new year eve, just fine dining with my family. any recommendation then? let me know.

hope you all had a great holiday , miau

Thursday, December 24, 2009

there and here are the same

last wednesday I met up with my bestie's. aphe and his boyfie.
her boy, wanted to capture some kinda photoshoot at some street in bandung.
I'm afraid that i couldn't make a long post, it caused (stilll) i have no longer time to write, so all i can do is linking this post to aphe's post. :D sowwyy.

figure it out, HERE


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

you yeah mistake!

wish : I won't regret all my decision.

but overall, one thing that i regret is you, PSYCHO!

whatta cliche?

is it true ? when we felt lonely, start to looked around then we'll find people who can accompany you to get through out hardest time. can someone told me? why people was so easy to say beside realize it?

is it true? a right man in the right? what if we haven't ready yet to open up our heart to others? are people was so sure saying those cliché words?

is it true? all we need is happiness? nowadays what we need is money i thought.

is it true? it will come if it should be happen?

should i believe on those cliché? should i believe in fortune?

p.s.: pardon this intersections post, yeah! am in a crossroads and am lost when this pain coming up.

self-capabilty ?

hell-o people there, how's your day lately? did things going so well like your expectation?

well, if some it wasn't, don't be discouraged. God always have different way beyond our expectation. be grateful of what you've got.

so on this post, i wanna write about self-capability to get to know each other that well. it always irritate me, when am not-well-to-get-to-know or even get close to. seems i made a big and thick rook that hard to reach by others. this post was inspired by one of my closest friends at college. actually its not that as explicit been inspired, it came from my envy-jealous-sentiment(whatever it called) sense.

how to reduce or break down that rook ?

i know, that am very berry talkative yet shy one.

call me a pretender because seen to be confidence but here inside i'm so lack.

with all thick-rook or wall, although i can't break it down tho, the most important thing that i've done is I bring my own self, to get accepted on some environment, eventho am a pretender but am not being someone else to get accepted by them. when they can't get along with me, its not their fault neither mine also. but its some condition which they're not the same boat with you. i realize that nature make a selection for a good friends.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


am not in a good mood to make things happen, and also in a writing things.
oh, oh! its DECEMBER. (yep, call it so lame)
but what can i say? i gotta steal some time to write and look for my mood to write. fufufu
unfortunately, all my spirit and great mood was fade away lately, i gotta pick them up when the exam thing is over.
so give me your best luck for me :)

enjoy december, watch out people!!
smells of holiday is on their way..