Friday, August 28, 2009


I am truly mood swinger.
my mood swing too often, it can be in a highest level and a minute after its on the deepest level.
just realize, that things are affect me bad, sssoooo bad and tooo bad !
i do really want to stop those bad things, i can't do something so well. if i wanna do something i always waited for my shitty-mood.
example; last few days, i got a duty to took a picture.
you know what? i didn't take them all greatly. just shoot 'em then.
its embarrassing, i do not proffesional.
why everything should depend on my shitty-mood?
why can't be like others, whom done it from the deepest their heart? RRRRR.
that was annoy me much, and felt so sorry to my friends that i'm not worked that well.

then, last week (until now) i'm in a blue mood. felt so lost, looked around and nobody's there. wanna mumbling but have no one. get angry easily! that's me a few days ago. everyone will be hate me softly :|

Sunday, August 16, 2009

kriik kriik

i woke up too early this morning, i planned to go to jakarta today,
but because of my sickness i can't go.
so entire of my family go to istana, to attend the ceremony there. *sigh.
adn here am I ! alone by my self, watching television.
just amazed with ceremony under the water at bunaken, northern Sulawesi. kewl

now, looked at my mommy's-tasky ! :|
there's a lotta strange vocabularies.
oh gosh, i wish i have dictionary here on my head, so i don't have to find those out on dictionary.
you know what?
the books are talk about GEOLOGICAL, which is mining!
that's not connected at all with my academic field.
i'm law student. haha
yeah! i gotta finish them as soon as possible.
wish me luck *

independence day

woohoo, today is Indonesia independence day.


here's my favorite song of the week,

Indonesia kami lahir untukmu
Berkarya dan mengabdi bagimu
bersatu untuk membangun bagi negeri tercinta
mari majulah indonesiaku

Bersatulah semua raih kejayaan
melengkapi dalam perbedaan
bersatu membela merah putih tercinta
bangkitlah indonesia
buktikan pada dunia
mari majulah indonesia

*sorry for bad quality of the video

even if, we're come from different city, talk different language, and different culture. we are the SAME, we are INDONESIAN. make our differences as our trademark.
no one can make us separate. NO ONE.
against the terrorist together, together we can.

HAPPY 64th independence day to indonesia.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

bored-thingy around

lately, i pretty bored with my daily life.
whether its good nor bad. everything's just become so that's it!
too many problem to think, each day always come new and new and new problem to me.
and the bad thing is i always think it too bad. i struck in a depressed.
i can't think clearly. i dreamed all day long. sigh.
mommy told me to do her job, but until 3days task, i've done NOTHING!
just sitting in front of computer, googling, browsing, and many stupidity things.
holdin' my phone all the time, i guess i need something which is i don't even know what i need.

all i wanna do just, get out from this shitty-hell-me and going back to the REAL-ME.
help HELP help.